Fields of Mistria

Developed by NPC Studio

  • Windows

A new life beckons! Begin again on your new farm and befriend the townsfolk as you discover a world brimming with possibilities. Adventure, magic and love all await you in Mistria!  Fields of Mistria is a 2D farming / life sim RPG inspired by titles such as Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Rune Factory.


Mistria, an idyllic village tucked between lush forest and the sea, has offered a homestead to any capable adventurer willing to help rebuild after an earthquake causes widespread damage and strange new magic flows through the land. 


  • Create your character with dozens of customization options  ​• Farm, Fish, Mine & Craft your way to a revitalized town
  • Follow the storylines of 30+ villagers
  • Battle foes and discover treasures as you explore ancient ruins and uncover the secrets of Mistria's past
  • Find your ideal match and start a family with 12 romanceable marriage candidates

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