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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 17 January 2019

Our Space Mods Competition finished with an incredible 70+ entrants! Thank you so much to everyone involved. Looking through the submissions was a much longer process than we initially expected and the quality was so high! We couldn't pick just one winner so we decided to award 4 winners with GameMaker Studio 2 licences and highlight our top pick in our Showcase.

We also wanted to share as many games with you as possible as we thought it was important to highlight just how great all these games were! So at the bottom of this blog, we have a collection of 46 entries that agreed to be shared with everyone. You can download and play them below.

We also enjoyed looking at the Twitter hashtag over the holidays:


Space Rocks Future Remix - Oliver Trompeter

  • Future Remix was the top pick for us because it was a cohesive and consistent upgrade to Space Rocks. Putting a fresh coat of paint on every part that of what makes the original Space Rocks and adding clever additions like ship classes and upgrades, automatic proximity warnings, multiple weapons and clever display of statistics. It's clean, pretty simple, looks great and brings a lot of new and interesting things!

spacemods spacemods

spacemods spacemods

GMSpaceMods - JonPS

  • Fast and busting with mechanics, huge bosses and lots of different levels. This one puts you in a jet fighter shooting rocks, collecting money to upgrade and equip new parts resulting in a very powerful combination of weapons and booster. The bosses are huge and are a great addition at the end of a level and the game even features a scrolling camera and background.

Jelly Asteroids - DroidGames

  • Jelly Asteroids has a fantastic visual style and a very interesting take on the mechanics and controls of Space Rocks. Using 3 different shoot buttons, you must match circle, triangle and square shots to take down 3 different types of rocks. It uses the mouse for movement and also has nice sounding sound FX.

spacemods spacemods

Space Wave - Seet

  • Space Wave has an awesome look and sound. It introduces an exciting and frantic combo system along with weapon power-ups, including a lazer shot that felt great! Wrapping up with a final boss fight that was thrilling to overcome.

spacemods spacemods

spacemods spacemods


We had so many great entries that we wanted to give a special mention to some other games that grabbed our attention with a unique message or gameplay hook.

Pirates Ahead was a great visual look while also adding health bars to the explosive ship combat. Space Ruckus had a cool random upgrade chance that applied to the weapon and each upgrade felt punchy. Gamemaker Sorcerer's mod had a brilliant look with it's 'zombie survival' take on space rocks! Glucose Patrol had a great message where you were in control of a high tech micro-machine that gets injected into the human body to fight off diabetes. Earth Defenders offered a four-player planet defense take on space shooting. PIGAR, (Panspermia Intercept Guardians Auxillary Reservists) is the start of something hilarious and looks great. Ultimate Space Rocks let you choose different colour schemes and unlock interesting upgrades and powerups. Lastly, Space Blocks gets a big shout out for the best title screen of any of the entrants!

spacemods spacemods

spacemods spacemods


Thank you once again to everyone who took part in our Space Mods competition and please look forward to more competitions from us in the future!

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