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Amazon GameOn for GameMaker Studio 2

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Posted by Ross Manthorp on 22 January 2019

Amazon GameOn is a powerful set of flexible APIs that allows game developers to drive engagement and increase monetisation through the creation of cross-platform competitions and tournaments. Today we've announced and released the Amazon GameOn Marketplace asset for GameMaker Studio 2. The asset package allows developers to more easily integrate GameOn —a cross-platform, competitive gaming service— into their GameMaker Studio 2 games, and is available now for free on the YoYo Games Marketplace.

GameOn helps games bring more players in on the action—allowing them to compete for real-world prizes fulfilled by Amazon in the US or other in-game rewards globally. The GameOn package for GameMaker Studio 2 makes it even easier for developers to integrate with GameOn to add competitions and leaderboards to their games.

“Online competition is an important part of the games ecosystem, and with the GameOn assets for GameMaker Studio 2, developers can easily integrate all aspects of online competition from leaderboards to user-generated competitions, with real-world prizes, into games on PC, mobile, and console,” said Stuart Poole, General Manager, YoYo Games. “Now available on our Marketplace, GameOn gives GameMaker developers a powerful set of easy-to-use APIs that gives a competitive edge, whilst simultaneously driving player engagement and retention on all platforms including desktop mobile and console.”

The GameOn package for GameMaker Studio 2 enables developers to add Amazon GameOn features to their GameMaker Studio 2 games. Through the GameOn console, developers can manage competitions, and by clearly defining entry requirements such as geographic location, device type, player skill level and more, they can create custom competitions that are fun and fair for everyone.

To access to Marketplace asset please visit:

To access all our documentation of GameOn see:

The first 35,000 plays per month are free for the first 6 months. See Amazon website for GameOn pricing:

Access to GameOn APIs requires an Amazon Developer account. Registration is easy and free at:

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