GameMaker Games make top 10 in Game Jolt's "Indies Vs PewDiePie" Game Jam

Posted by Gavin Smart on 1 December 2014


We are thrilled to announce that 3 GameMaker games made the top ten in Game Jolt's "Indies Vs PewDiePie" game jam. 


Competing with nearly 800 entries, GameMaker developers took home 2nd place, 4th place & 6th place.


2nd place: KID VS SCHOOL By jccc

4th place: OVERPOWERED By Aski

6th place: PUPPETEER POLICE By Rebusmind




We are truly humbled by the outcome of the Jam & would like to congratulate everyone who chose to use GameMaker.

To everyone involved, from everyone at YoYo Games -- Congratulations!

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