GameMaker in Education

Posted on 9 May 2012

GameMaker is the software of choice for teaching game based-learning. From technology summer camps, elementary schools, high schools, and universities, GameMaker allows students to create games in a matter of hours with the only limit being one’s imagination! YoYo Games offers academic versions of GameMaker for educational purposes because GameMakers simplicity and extensive selection of online resources for easy lesson planning make it an excellent tool for teaching programming, technology and game design.

Techknowkids has been running a successful game design class since 1994. Techknowkids uses GameMaker for students aged 10 to 14-years-old. Organizers created a great video showing kids and parents how game development ignites imagination and creativity here:

YoYo Games will be introducing a new education resource page called GameMaker in Education that will have information, frequently asked questions, links to resources, tutorials and help with courses for both teaching staff and students. We will also have a dedicated section on the GameMaker Community for sharing materials, school science competitions, projects and opinions.

There is so much going on with GameMaker that we want to help promote and showcase organisations that teach, hold competitions and champion after school club projects. If you are a teacher currently using GameMaker, get in touch and tell us about how you use GameMaker at


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