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Posted on 19 August 2011

YoYo News

The YoYo Stand at GDC 2011 has been a very busy affair by ALL accounts. See some snaps from this week below;

The Sony Ericsson stand at Gamescon featuring They Need To Be Fed (and Ninjammin Beat-Jitsu) as one of the Xperia PLAY Android titles announced and showcased this week.


Interest in GameMaker:HTML5 has been phenomenal this week and we are excited to announce that the final product pricing will be set at $199! However we will give a $100 discount to anyone purchasing during the Beta period so you will be able to get GameMaker HTML5 Beta for only $99!

Sign up for the GameMaker:HTML5 Beta planned for release in September here -

We’re still unsure how long the Beta period will last but we intend to issue weekly automatic updates to users. We need good solid feedback on bugs and issues that crop up in this period so we can give you the best possible quality software for you to publish and distribute games created with it! For those signing up now we will contact you directly when GameMaker:HTML5 Beta is ready for sale. More updates with details to come in the next week or so for all your burning questions…

Community News

The GMC re-skinning is now complete! Please visit to see the new darker design to match the website.  There is some debate over those who prefer light backgrounds to dark so we will give members the option to ‘switch’ between 2 choices.  However, we need to make some changes (it’s never *that* simple) to make that available so will let you know when this is done. Meantime as many users have pointed out on the thread, you can still switch back to the original theme at any time if its too much of a shock :) All feedback is always good so please discuss on the forum and we’ll take note.

For those who like a good challenge, there is a new competition being co-hosted by Game Jolt - indie(Function) -


This competition will run for approximately a month! 

The Theme:

This won't be announced until it starts. 

The Prizes:

Top 3 games featured on Game Jolt
Top 3 games featured on indie(Magazine);
Top 3 games featured on indie(Radio);
And quite possibly a cash prize for the 1st place game!

For full details and to keep up to date visit -


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