YoYo at GDC 2011

Posted on 8 August 2011

Wow, August already! Sorry things have been a wee bit slow news wise, this doesn’t mean much has been going on (quite the opposite), just limited to what we can tell everyone about until we are sure we can!

The closed Alpha group for GameMaker HTML5 have been very busy testing away and is coming along nicely. We anticipate, *note ANTICIPATE, Beta stage early September at this rate but this could change. All good progress so far.

1 week to go to GDC in Cologne, Germany and we’re nearly all set!  


Gamescom  is on at the same time (and place) Gamescom is different and is a trade fair for interactive games and entertainment and is open to everyone. YoYo Games has managed to swing a special pod showing ‘They Need To Be Fed’ on Sony Ericsson mobiles. Pretty sweeeet!

We released a video of ‘GraveMaker’ last week showing what (Alpha) GameMaker HTML5 can do. You can see this on the YoYo Youtube channel here - We can’t wait to show some pictures of both events with a wee report on our return. The YoYo ‘tech blog’ has just been created and we will add a link on the site under the Support drop down list. You can view Mike’s first post here – for more indepth information on GameMakers’ HTML5 performance. 
NB - if you are going to GDC and fancy talking to us, contact us and we'll arrange a meet up :)

We’ll be popping along to Protoplay this Friday (12th August) lunchtime where Sandy is giving the talk, ‘Getting a career in games by self-publishing’. Do say hello if you see us!

Re: the free upgrade process of GameMaker Standard 8.1. The purchase process had a few niggles on the site and we wanted to make sure this was reliable & secure as a top priority. There is still a couple of issues that still seem to be annoyingly getting in the way but as soon we have this sorted, we will state ‘here’ when it will be operational again. Apologies for any inconvenience to those who missed the cut off period meantime!

The GMC re-skinning release and the YY forum updating has been set back a wee bit due to the summer hols but these are now coming to a close and the YoYo office will soon settle into a full house again and gather speed on all projects. We had a recent breach on the YY Forum when someone got in and created unauthorized sub forums. Luckily this was spotted and we rectified this quickly, it could have been worse certainly but an annoying waste of time all the same. Thanks to all those who alerted us, very much appreciated!

The YY Team


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